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  • Hello! I'm Leonard.
    I make videos, photos, websites and mobile apps.
  • I work for SME's
    My work solves their marketing challenges.
  • I work for creative agencies.
    I keep their clients happy.

How It Works

We work together creatively

Video Production

Not only will your video look good, it will also sound good. No stone is left unturned.


Let us produce photos that make an instant impression.

Web / Mobile App Development

Augment your business with web, iOS and Android application development.

Aerial Video

The view from above is awe inspiring. Adds value immediately.

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We are in the visual content business

About UV Studio

I devote my life to digital content creation.

We are curious humans

Curiosity about life in all aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people. - Leo Burnett

In this interconnected world, it is more important than ever for content creators to stay ahead of the curve. UV Studio brings new visual experiences to your audience to ensure your message gets through to them effectively.

Whether you are brand, marketing agency, or a solopreneur, there is always a mutually beneficial relationship to be made for creative work to happen.

My Skills

In this constantly changing world, the most valuable asset a creator such as myself brings to any organization is my ability and willingness to learn a new skill quickly.

  • Video 100%

  • Photography 90%

  • Web/App Development 80%

  • Animation 80%

Why Choose Us?

Users interact with you differently based on which platform they are on. I advise my clients not only on which media type to use for each platform, but how a particular media should be 'styled' based on the platform and which step of the marketing process you are in.
I help you connect with your users via video, photos and software. Your brand gets the attention it deserves, and your audience will be satisfied with what you have given them.
I like to think I'm a chill, easy going person who like to create pretty things. You will find that I communicate well and most importantly, I actually share some of my knowledge and relevent challenges with you. I believe in building long term, mutually beneficial relationships and transparent communications is the only way to communicate.

Our Featured Services

Video Production

The name of the game today for most digital marketing and social media platforms. It's the best tool to convey your brand value.


Instant brand projection. Instant information. Instant gratification. Instant beauty.

Web / Mobile App Development

Mobile app is not just for big tech. It is also suitable for SME's. Contact us to find out more.

Introducing myself

Leonard Shen

Photo-Videographer, Software Developer

"When I see something awesome, I have to learn how to do it. Then I try to make it better." - Leonard


videos filmed


photos taken


hours studied


clients satisfied

Our Standard Packages

We offer great prices for your business

Basic Filming


  • Half Day
  • HD Video
  • Great for Social Media
  • Interview Lighting & Audio
  • 2 Years Footage Storage
  • Full Day Option $850

Big Production


  • Full Day with Crew
  • 4K Resolution Video
  • Great for Brand Commercials
  • Production Lighting & Audio
  • 4 Years Footage Storage
  • Half Day Not Available

Editing & Animation


  • Per Hour
  • HD & 4K Resolution
  • Expertise Socials & Commercials
  • Latest Adobe Technology
  • Min 2 Years Storage
  • Storyboarding Available



  • Half Day
  • Studio Flash
  • Portrait, Facility, Product
  • Basic Retouching Included
  • 2 Years Photo Storage
  • Full Day Option $550

Production scales differ from business to business. Please contact us for specific quotes regarding your job requirements.

Get in Touch

Feel free tod drop me a line

I love talking to people who are progressive in today's digital marketing landscape, and talking is free of charge!