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  • You need more social media presence
    We make high quality videos and photos for your marketing campaign
  • Your audience demands content
    We will impress them with our work
  • You want reliable partners
    We thrive on building long-term relationships

How It Works

We work together creatively

Video Production

Not only will your video look good, it will also sound good. No stone is left unturned.


Let us produce photos that make an instant impression.

Motion Graphics

Interrupt with a splash. Use motion graphics to punctuate your videos.

Aerial Video

The view from above is awe inspiring. Adds value immediately.

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We are in the visual content business

About UV Studio

Always on the cutting edge of social media content creation

We are curious humans

Curiosity about life in all aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people. - Leo Burnett

We live and breath visual content creation. In this interconnected world, it is more important than ever for content creators to stay ahead of the curve. UV Studio brings new visual experiences to your audience to ensure your message gets through to them effectively.

In our evolving social media landscape, we are here to not just produce quality videos and photos, but also to help you navigate the social media marketing lanscape, maximize the effectiveness of the content we create for your brand.

Our Skills

We constantly learn adopt new skills to our repertoire. If something new comes up in the marketplace, we learn it and master it.

  • Video 100%

  • Photography 90%

  • Social Media 90%

  • Animation 80%

Why Choose Us?

We know YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. We know how the audience behaves in each platform and we will produce different formats of content for your brand that caters to each platform accordingly.
We are good at telling stories through videos, photos and animations. It's our passion. We make sure our content stands out, your brand gets the attention it deserves, and your audience is satisfied with what you have given them.
We are normal folks who like to create pretty things. We are easy to work with (so we have been told). But more than anything else, we are fair and transparent with our pricing and we value building long term working relationships with clients and partners. Give us a shout!

Our Featured Services

Video Production

The name of the game today for most digital marketing and social media platforms. It's the best tool to convey your brand value.


Instant brand projection. Instant information. Instant gratification. Instant beauty.

Animation & Aerial

The up and coming niche players of the digital marketing game. Hop on board and get ahead of the curve.

Meet Our Team

Leonard Shen


"When I see something awesome, I have to figure out how to do it. Then I try to make it better." - Leonard

Sophy Khon


"Yeah I can do it." - Sophy, when asked if he can do (anything)

R. London Nersesian


"Been using Photoshop since before everyone knew what Photoshop was." - Raf

Drago Rožman

UX Designer

"Design happens when creativity and usability come together." - Drago


videos filmed


photos taken


hours studied


clients satisfied

Our Standard Packages

We offer great prices for your business

Basic Filming


  • Half Day
  • HD Video
  • Great for Social Media
  • Interview Lighting & Audio
  • 2 Years Footage Storage
  • Full Day Option $850

Big Production


  • Full Day with Crew
  • 4K Resolution Video
  • Great for Brand Commercials
  • Production Lighting & Audio
  • 4 Years Footage Storage
  • Half Day Not Available

Editing & Animation


  • Per Hour
  • HD & 4K Resolution
  • Expertise Socials & Commercials
  • Latest Adobe Technology
  • Min 2 Years Storage
  • Storyboarding Available



  • Half Day
  • Studio Flash
  • Portrait, Facility, Product
  • Basic Retouching Included
  • 2 Years Photo Storage
  • Full Day Option $550

Production scales differ from business to business. Please contact us for specific quotes regarding your job requirements.

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We love talking to people who are progressive in today's digital marketing landscape, and talking is free of charge!